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Design Guidelines Audit



Thank you everyone for your patience while we complete the Design Guidelines audit of your community.

If we find non-conformance issues with your property, we will be issuing you with a Non-conformance letter.

The letter outlines which guidelines you are not compliant with.

Everyone will have 90 days (from the date of the letter) to comply with the noted areas.


Why is this audit taking place?
The key purpose of these Design Guidelines is to assist all owners in preparing an appropriate design response to achieve a consistently high quality of homes and landscaping that will assist in protecting residents’ investment and interests at Highgrove.


Fundamentally the design guidelines;

  • Aim to encourage a variety of styles that are in harmony with each other;
  • Provide a high level of presentation to the neighbourhood and;
  • Protect the amenity of the Estate.


Who is assessing my property?
Brown Property Group is conducting this audit.


Is every resident of Highgrove receiving a letter?
No. Only the residents from Stages 2-11, 15 & 17. All other residents of Highgrove apply to have their landscaping assessed by an external auditor. The same guidelines apply.


I have not received a letter. What does this mean?
If you do not receive a letter it means your property has been deemed compliant.


Am I eligible for the landscaping incentive?
No. The landscaping incentive was introduced for the later stages only.


Where can I access the design guidelines?
The design guidelines can be found here.


What if I can’t complete all of the landscaping works in 90 days?
Please email us at with your intentions and we will review your case.


What is a ‘semi-advanced tree’?
A semi- advanced tree can be any specie that is between 1.5 metres and 4 metres in height.


My tree is not 1.5m yet but it will grow beyond that. Is this ok?
Yes. If you are concerned your tree will be marked as non-conforming in the audit, please send through an image of the tree to along with the trees specifications (plant tag).

I can’t do my nature strip yet because they are still building next door and tradesmen keep parking there. What do I do?
We are taking into account that there is still a considerable amount of construction taking place in Highgrove and we appreciate that this involves increased traffic on your streets from trades people.
Please document your intentions to correct your nature strip and include a photo of your neighbouring construction site and send it through to


The house next door is still under construction (empty lot) so one side of my house has not been fenced yet.
Boundary fencing must be fully constructed prior to occupancy.
If there is an empty lot next door; you can contact council to find out the owner of the lot and ask them to provide their contact details to discuss sharing fence costs.
If the house next door is currently under construction; we are happy to give you the extra time you might require addressing this once construction is complete.



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